Monday Bunny Blogging

ELECTRONICS & MUSIC from Build-A-Bear Bumble occupies the spot where his food bowl goes in the hope that someone will feed him.


9 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. He’s not just occupying ‘the spot’ though, is he? I mean, isn’t he also giving you ‘the look’. Feed me. Feed me now.

  2. No, he’s not! It’s ‘the look’, plus a massive dose of guilt (he’s SO hungry).

  3. I think that the only difference between us and the animal kingdon, is vocal chords. The bunny knows we know what he is saying, hence the guilt trip, saying: you know you know, and you know that I know you know, so do something about it !

    Humans, when vocal chords won’t do the job, send hugs and best wishes via their typing fingers.

  4. It’s like that sad dog look that dogs have perfected over time. LOL My dog knows the word “kibbles” and “walk” so I cannot say those words outloud without having to provide one or the other.
    Good to see you Bumble and SE!

  5. Hey, SE, I’ve tagged you and Bumble with the 8 random facts meme. The rules stipulate that I must visit the blogs I’ve ‘infected’ with the meme.

  6. RenegadeEvolution

    LOL he looks like he feels as if he stares at the bowl hard enough, it will fill itself!!!

  7. Heya SE and Bumble. I’ve missed you!

  8. What a cute bunny! He’s definitely giving the “please feed me” look, my bunny does it all the time. He actually runs to the fridge if I’m in the kitchen, he knows his food is kept in there! And he just stares with “the look”, filling me with so much guilt I give him something.

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