Monday Bunny Blogging


POWERHEADS POWERHEADS from Big Als Aquarium Services


10 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. Just saying hi since I think I’m “back”. 😉

  2. And I thought cats were cute in paper bags. Bumble must think it’s a good hiding spot.

  3. Yes-it’s a great hiding spot. Well, until he eats and tears up so much of the bag that he can’t hide in it.

  4. Welcome back. I posted on the previous post just now. Your new format has befuddled me a bit.



    And even though I hate bunnies and they somewhat terrify me, it makes me happy to see this one since it tells me that you are doing somewhat well. I was worried there for a long time.


  6. Hey, what’s that picture at the top of your blog. Is it a bloody-mouthed rabbit leaping to attck it’s next victim?

  7. Nice blog, bunny! I am squirrel! 😉

  8. hello bunny 🙂

  9. iwantmorethansurvival

    Hullo. Really late. 🙂

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