About spotted elephant


I hate writing things like this, so I’ll give you the bottom line:

I’m a disabled, animal-loving, radical feminist, class-hating, anti-racism ally, who enjoys the absence of children and god in my life.

Email me: spotted_ele at hotmail dot com


7 responses to “About spotted elephant

  1. Helloooo there! I want to give you and your bunny a biiiiiiiiig hug.

    **hug** from a feminist bunny-lover

  2. Hi! Wouldn’t the world be much better if everyone was a feminist bunny-lover?

  3. What’s your sign, baby?

  4. Now that I have discovered this site, I will return just for the bunny pics

    Most theraputic

  5. You have no idea how happy that makes me! Bumble is very therapeutic, especially if there’s no chance of him chewing up your favorite book.

  6. g2-0229b9482e2fed4fd541a97b00a7be0c

    Don’t ask me how, just put it down to serendipidy. I hit your front page and scrolled down through the warren of bunny pics as this played in the background: http://rapidshare.com/files/144025575/Zbigniew-Preisner_Mary-and-Robin-Together.wma (small file)

    It takes a lot to make me smile. Thanks for making it happen.

    Hang in there girl. I feel some of your pain.

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