Monday Bunny Blogging

When you give Bumble a delicious hay cube, he grabs it and runs. Apparently, trying to photograph him while eating it also induces the running behavior:



22 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. What’s a hay cube? I’ve always wanted to know.

  2. It’s compressed hay, bound together with sweet things, and in this case, pieces of carrot and celery.

    Extreme contraband, in other words.

  3. Streaking Bumble–how retro this cool bunny is.

  4. Mmh…hay, carrots and celery – delicious. If I was bumble I would make a bee line for shelter as well.

  5. I like your blog, and I wish youd come back and write more!
    But Im BiP too, so I know how it gets sometimes.


  6. Hey SE ~ I heard about a doctor at our neighborhood university hospital who is treating fibro with a new drug called Lyrica. Have you heard about this?

    I’ve missed you!

  7. Hello SE, stopping by to say Hi, and thinking of you.

  8. Hello S.E.
    I think about you and I really hope that you are doing alright. Taking care, and all that.
    Sending my best wishes,

  9. You stopped writing. I hope you’re okay.

  10. Thanks for your kind wishes! I am ok-the depression has lifted!!!

    But, I have returned to work (part-time) for the first time since becoming disabled, and it’s really kicking my butt. I love it, but I’m exhausted and in pain. But I’m not depressed!!!

    So I hope to write soon, I just need to get some energy. Did I mention I’m not depressed?! 😀

  11. SE! I’m thrilled to hear the great news! I just started a new (additional) PT job also. It’s like a dream job in that it has meaning that aligns with my own values. Now I’ll think of you and your job and depression-less-ness when I go to work 🙂

  12. Awww this is very happy news S.E. I hope you rest up when you can and keep enjoying your work! 🙂 That’s brilliant.
    Take care,

  13. It’s so great hearing from you again! 🙂 I’m glad you’re doing well and are depression-free!

  14. Yeah, well done, so glad … amazing good news.
    What does Bumble think of it ?
    Ignore him … work, rest, and enjoy !

  15. that’s good news! take care of yourself, and i hope you keep us updated.

  16. What great news!!! I’m so happy for you!

  17. I’ve been away from here for way too long. That’s great news! You are really and truly an inspiration. I am really really glad you’ve come back with such positive news. It means a lot to one still somewhat in the pit.

  18. I was wondering, do you had any more blogs?

  19. Just checking in, haven’t been in a while. I’m glad about your job, hope everything else is holding well for you!

  20. Hi there, I hope all is going well. And happy new year, by the way! I’m sorry I haven’t been around that much, this MA I’m doing is taking up so much of my time. I hope the job is still good! xx

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