(The Return of) Monday Bunny Blogging

What do you mean you didn’t notice I was gone?

Take that!

I won’t show my face until you make amends. No Easter Bunny jokes either.


12 responses to “(The Return of) Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. so good to see you back 🙂

  2. I did notice you were gone. Only yesterday, I checked. How are you?

  3. Oh that made me laugh so much! Fabulous. And nice to see you here again. Missed you

  4. I am not depressed! I’m struggling with disability issues, and that should end up coming out in posts. All in all, I’m doing pretty well. Glad to see all of you!

  5. That there’s a cute bunny bum!

    Read some of your other posts about coming off medication and dealing with disability. *big hugs* I can relate to that!!!

    How do you find owning a bunny? I used to own rats but they liked chewing power cords way too much. These days it’s black cats.

  6. Hi, nice to see you back!x

  7. Whoa! And the Great Spotted E has been, er, umm, spotted now too! Excellent. Glad both of you are returning to your native habitat.

  8. crowlie-I hope you’re not dealing with coming off of meds right now. Regardless, *big hugs* right back to you.

    I worship the ground Bumble hops on, but bunnies are high maintenance pets. They can do so much damage, they have tender tummies, and they are always looking to get into trouble (which makes them a lot of fun, but…).

    jo22-I thought you were gone too! 😀

    tng-Your whole comment made me smile. I hope you’re enjoying your habitat.

  9. Welcome back! I hope the issues are finding some resolution.

  10. Spotted Ele ! and Bumble, are back – so wonderful to see you both. Love and Hugs.

  11. SE so glad to see you and Bumble back here!! ((hugs)):)

  12. We need a summer Bumble update!!

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