Monday Bunny Blogging


15 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. Hello Bumble, Hello Spotted Elle, thinking of you and sending you best wishes.

  2. Hope you are doing better? hang in there 🙂

  3. Bumble is with you all the way, as am I and many others. Thank you for still posting, and I love seeing what your lovely furry friend is up to. He’s getting quite good at posing these days.

  4. When I think about it, I would like to be a snowball with ears. Oh dang! I am!
    Big (((hugs))) to you SE. x

  5. Ahh, lovely. I hope you are doing okay, thinking of you! xxx

  6. Bumble is, as always, in excellent form.

    I have hope that you are feeling better… selfishly, I admit, because I am experiencing an overload of life issues at the moment and need a bit of a comrade in the “It will get better!” department.


  7. ms-It is getting better. It will for you too.

  8. Very glad to hear that your suffering is easing Spotted Ele. Still thinking of you.

  9. Thinking of you, and hope the withdrawals are easing up a bit? hey I bet you don’t want the soap I took a pic of on my blog 🙂 hang in there.

  10. Btw, I was just thinking of you and hope you are doing ok. ****hugs and kitty head butts*****

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  12. wow S.E. I am very happy to read things are getting better for you. Take good care,

  13. SE still care, still think of you

  14. Hello there, hope you and Bumble are still kicking around. Bumble’s photos brought me in, I had a very sweet and loving white rabbit guy that looks like him. We would lay together and watch TV and contemplate the finer things in life like Banana and Craisins. But alas he has passed away due to a very fast cancer this year. George

    I too have been battling something that is FiberMyalgia or CFS, no real diagnosis from any of the specialists. I’ve been able to take back most of my life with a new regiment of vitamin overdosing, taking twice the recommended daily dosages to get me through about 85% of the day w/o needing to lay down every two hours.

    Snorgle Bumble for me, he looks like a very special rabbit and all rabbits need a good snorgle loving from time to time. It’s tough being that cute and handsome.

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