Monday Bunny Blogging

The scene: I’m making blueberry banana muffins. Bumble loves blueberries, and worships bananas. I thought I’d peek at him from the kitchen and see if the mashing of the bananas caught his interest:

And a PS to people about my last post on the (never-ending) Cymbalta withdrawal: I really appreciate your thoughts, and how supportive you’re being. I turned off comments because I needed to vent, but didn’t want anyone to feel they had to respond. I’m sick to death of all of this, I’m sure you are too. 😉


12 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. i love bumble. and i’m sending good thoughts your way. xoxo, jared

  2. you are so amazing strong and powerful. I am just in awe of your strength.

  3. you are a good bunny-mom.

    strength and light to you.

  4. RenegadeEvolution

    Heh, my cat gets that SAME look whenever I open a can of tuna! “Woooo, is that for MEEEE….?”

  5. Love the pic, love the close-up – yes, he seems interested!

    take good care spotted ele! Hugs

  6. Yeah, that’s definitely one of those “I know what you’re doing” looks…

  7. Ooh, Bumble has done a 180 from the bunny butt of two weeks ago. That’s a really good sign on the BumbleButt Meter!

    (I keep looking back up at that face and it cracks me up each time!)

  8. My mama’s bunny, Rascal, loves bananas too. I wonder if that’s a common bunny trait? Soooo cute!

    Love to you and Bumble both, I hope you’re doing well.

  9. I think i can read bumble’s lips. looks like

    “hand over the fruit now, and you won’t be harmed.”

    hang in there, SE…we’re all rooting for ya.

  10. I DO HOPE Bumble got what he wanted in the end. And I do hope that blueberry banana muffins also give you a bit of strength. Thinking of you!

  11. I am thinking about you and Bumble. You CAN do this. I know how hard it is. I am here for you.

  12. Cymbalta is hell to get off of, and I wish you the best in your withdrawal! 🙂

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