Monday Bunny Blogging


11 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. Ah, doesn’t the sun feel good, Bumble?

    I see you have made a quarter turn and are no longer giving the bunny butt. Is it too soon to ask how your human friend is doing?

  2. RenegadeEvolution

    optomistic looking Bumble! Very cute!

  3. Look Mum, the sun is shining, how are YOU feeling? says Bumble.

  4. If I was going to be anybody’s bunny I’d want to be yours, SE. Always getting photographed, always lots of fresh food and water. What a sweet life!

  5. I heart Bumble too. 🙂

  6. He just knows which is his *best* side – yes?

  7. He is just gorgeous and I love this shot for his big, cute pointy ears.

  8. Hi SE – I’m sending love your way.

  9. I cannot find the comment button for Day 43 of Cymbalta discontinuation syndrome. I am appalled that this can be done to you, anyone. I think of you and hold you every day.

  10. Hi SE, I’ve nominated you for a Thinking Blogger’s Award over at

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