Monday Bunny Blogging

She doesn’t pet me because she is ill
When I got mad she said “This will pass”
Well I’ve had my fill of this Cymbalta pill
So she can stare at my ass.


13 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. Aww, Monday Bunny Angst Poetry.

    Join SE and point your ass at the Cymbalta pills, I say!

    P.S. You’re still a beautiful bunny.

  2. That would be a great rap

  3. Bumble has no time for drama!

  4. I understand SE, I know you are not well, just wish Bumble showed a bit more unconditional love. But Bumble is forgiven, he is after all, merely male. My dog (female) just used to give up on the day and lay on the sofa with me; I guess Bumble is no allowed on the sofa ?
    Thinking of you.

  5. Ha! You’ve all got Bumble’s number.

    Sally-I wish he’d get the unconditional love idea too. He was *supposed* to be female-that’s how he was described on the chart at the humane society, but when they took him in to be spayed before I could bring him home, they informed me that she was a he! He’s allowed on the sofa, but generally freaks out when he’s not on the ground. And if I try to lie down on the ground with him, he doesn’t like it and nips my clothes until I get up. Sigh.

  6. that was hillarious

  7. I needed that laugh this morning

  8. Hope you are better by now. Bumble does have an attractive back side.

  9. Our cat Ralph would like to pass on his sympathies to Bumble. He is currently quite at a loss as to what to do with me so prefers to sleep, eat and take the odd swipe if I prove especially irritating. The poem made me smile. Thank you, my mouth was starting to sag.

  10. Heh… that was very funny! Getting used to meds is trying. Keep on keeping on.

  11. Wabbit! I don’t have any rabbits left, and I definitely feel all the madder for it. Bi-Polar disorder isn’t fun on a good day, but without rabbits to eat through your electric cables, chew holes in your favourite top and piss on your floor it’s practically unbearable. Have you tried rubbing Bumble’s forehead and scratching his rump? I got my rabbits to the stage where they’d scratch air like a dog with enthusiam but they never want to hold you. Now I’ve just got this cat with a car-smashed face who isn’t even mine and leaves headless vermin everywhere. I miss the rabbits.

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