Monday Bunny Blogging


10 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. That’s so cute!

  2. Is he showing his appreciation of the recently vacuumed carpet, by exposing himself to as much of it as possible ?

  3. hee! i love when animals lay like that. my mama calls it “frog dog”.

  4. Arantxa-That’s my favorite Bumble pose!

    Sally-I don’t think he does appreciate recently vacuumed carpet, as he sets out immediately to spread hay everywhere. He’s just sooo relaxed.

    ms. jared-It’s such a funny position. In bunnies, it’s an accomplishment because they only lay like that when they’re really feeling safe and happy, so it’s rewarding to see him like that.

  5. Cheerio, SE & Bumble!

  6. Ha! It’s “Super Bunny” 🙂

  7. Bumble, the bottms of your feet are much cleaner than mine, hee hee.

  8. That’s one chilled out bunny. 🙂 So cute!

  9. I wish everyday was that relaxing… Virtual e-hugs to bumble!!! !

  10. Hey missus, you’ve got a small package winging it’s way over the Atlantic (or the Pacific, depending on the preferences of the UK postal services!) it should be with you in a few days. Hope you like bookmarks and music! Tee hee, can you guess what it might be?! xx

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