Monday Bunny Blogging


9 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. Oh no! Call the bunny resuscitation squad! They should come immediately, and bring lettuce! Or bananas!

  2. awww. he’s so sweet!

  3. That is one well-chilled bunny. (Is he ok ?!)

  4. Stopping by to admire the cuteness of Bumble and to shamelessly promote my new slideshow, it’s about the hideously violent America’s Next Top Model photos…

  5. beansa your slide show rocked!!!!

    Can we do a little geek bonding for a minute–what did you use? Flash? Do you want audio?


  6. Sally-he’s fine. He’s better than fine-he’s completely relaxed. The ultra-relaxed bunny looks just like the dead bunny. 😦 You just have to watch their little side and make sure they’re breathing.

    Everyone go see beansa’s slideshow-it’s fantastic.

  7. SE & Amy, Thank you!
    Amy, I emailed you.

  8. “just resting my head on this nice cool floor”

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