Belated Bunny Blogging


I’m sorry I’m late! It wasn’t my fault. Never trust a human to do anything on time. I got dinner late tonight by 2 minutes!


12 responses to “Belated Bunny Blogging

  1. 😀 Cute. And cute text.

  2. bumble looks rather smug…

  3. Thanks Melinda!

    Ren, you have no idea. 😉

  4. “I feel somewhat better now that I’ve told Bottle Buddy alllll about it”

  5. Sparkle, The way you read him is almost scary. Because I’m sure that’s what he was thinking!

  6. Let’s see, a rabbit, the words “I’m Late!”

    Seems familiar somehow….

    Very cute!

  7. Bumble looks like Churchill on a bad day.

  8. Ravenmn-Are you a bunny companion?!

    Rootie-No, no, not Churchill. OK, in attitude, he does, but that little face could never be ugly.

  9. He just looks so…condescending and “where’s my scotch?”

  10. Rootietoot, too funny!

    Nope, not a bunny companion. A couple of cats own me and have me fairly well trained.

    I used to raise bunnies but Bumble does not want to hear about what I did with them. 😦

  11. Rootie-He has condescending *down*.



    Ok, no discussion of that then.

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