Checking font size.


9 responses to “Test

  1. I like this test! Are you moving? It would be great to see Bumble all the time and not just on Mondays 🙂

  2. Whats going on here then? 🙂

  3. Hi Bea and Sparkle!
    I’m so close to moving the blog here-really sick of blogger. It’s just a few things that have me nervous-changing the font if necessary, and I can’t remember the other thing. But probably as soon as I put my blogroll up, I’ll move!

  4. If you need any help moving just ask 🙂
    Did you know that you can move all your posts and comments from blogger to wordpress at the click of a button?

  5. I love Bumble on the stairs 😀

  6. Bea-Thanks for the offer. These boxes are killing me! 😉

    Laura-It’s one of my favorite pictures, but it really made me nervous-he was sleeping on the stairs!

    It’s really fun getting comments at a blog before the blog is up and running. How in the world did you all find me?

  7. How did we find you? Well, Spotted Elephant, let me tell you: the comments you leave on WP blogs are linked back here, presumably because you’re log in to WP.

  8. Aha! When I saw my icon, I was still thinking “Blogger”.

    I saw where you could import your posts, but I didn’t really believe it would be that easy. Blogger’s given me low expectations.

  9. very amazing stories here and your writing is great! thanks for sharing. nancy

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