Monday Bunny Blogging

My computer isn’t on speaking terms with my camera or with my CD drive. So I think I’ll be posting some vintage Bumble photos. This picture was taken the first night we brought him home from the humane society:

His ear to body ratio was very different!


9 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. Aww Bumble looks worried.

  2. Come on – bumble looks JUST LIKE a white chocolate bunny… mmm… 🙂 MR FLUFFY

  3. spotted elephant

    Sparkle-He was pretty worried that first night. 😦

    AD-I love white chocolate, but a whole bunny of it? I think it might cause a stomachache.

  4. Renegade Evolution

    retro Bumble…groovy!

  5. He doesn’t seems to be convinced that he actually wants to be in this place.

  6. vintage bumble. yay!

  7. spotted elephant

    He wasn’t sure he wanted to be in that place. The next morning, he ignored his breakfast and wanted me to pet him, poor little guy. But he settled in quickly.

  8. i remember when i brought mabel home from the shelter. she was soooo worried and needy. we were attached at the hip for at least two weeks.

    when i first brought her home i set up her food dish and water in the kitchen and i could tell she was starving (i think i adopted her before her morning meal at the shelter). anyhoo, she was scarfing it down so i went into the living room and she ran right behind me and wouldn’t leave my side. whenever i’d go into the kitchen though, she’d scarf down her food as quickly as possible. eventually i just sat down on the floor beside her and let her eat her fill and then we went into the living room together.

    she grew out of that and eats just fine on her own now, but it makes me all teary eyed and sentimental remembering how attached she was to me right away.

    i *heart* the SPCA. and mabel. and bumble. and YOU!
    xoxo, jared

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