Monday Bunny Blogging

Bumble got mad at his bottle buddy and he bit, scratched, and pushed it to the middle of the room. Then when he decided he wanted to snuggle with bottle buddy, he had to lie in the middle of the room like a foolish bunny.

See what we let anger do to us?


5 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. This could be a comment on many relationships with significant others!

  2. awww. what a cuddle bunny!

  3. Moreover, the moral of the story is…

    Do not be attacking bottle buddies or you will end up in the middle of the floor – looking foolish.
    Such a silly bunny, but at least Bumble doesn’t blame the bottle. Or say, “It made me do it”

  4. I miss my bunny. 😦

    I had to give him away when I moved.

  5. he is adorable. i always wanted a bunny so my mom got me a guinea pig instead. why does he have a bottle as a buddy? does he really act as though its his buddy?

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