Help! Most People Can’t Comment

Yes, it’s counterproductive to do a blog post asking for help when the problem is that most people can’t comment on my blog anymore.

If you know how to fix the problem, but can’t comment, please email me:

I hate Blogger. Thought I’d switch to wordpress, but can’t pay for the hosting thingy, and frankly am not up for anything complicated right now.

Update: Brownfemipower told me about the free blogs at WordPress!


10 responses to “Help! Most People Can’t Comment

  1. looks like you have it fixed…

  2. witchy-woo

    Free blogs @ wordpress are fab….

  3. also does free wordpress hosting.

    Very nice.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I’ll have to see if people who couldn’t comment now can.

  5. Test comment

  6. OK, it seemed to work (commenting).

    But I second what Witchy said –
    WP WP WP

  7. Testing Hi!

  8. YES I got through!

  9. Hey, thanks for testing to see if you could comment!

    I have a placeholder up at wordpress. There are a couple things I don’t know how to do there, and that’s what’s holding me back from switching. WP does seem pretty nice.

  10. Five Before Midnight

    I haven’t made the Beta switch and after hearing stories about it, am looking into WordPress.

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