Monday Bunny Blogging

Bumble lost an entire corner of the living room due to setting up the Christmas tree. He is not happy.

9 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. It’s ok, Bumble. The grass isn’t always greener… Well… the tree is greener… but still.

  2. Sorry, Bumble. Even bunnies must wait until Christmas before opening their presents!

  3. awwwww, too cute. is bumble easily amused by flashing lights? i know i am…

  4. My Airedale loved Christmas trees- a tree indoors to make her feel safe when she wanted a snooze, without all the trouble of going out into the mud and wet grass. Until the day when dreaming away some sudden noise made her wake up and stand up at the same time – scarily the tree stood up with her, perched on her shoulders, before clattering down around her.
    So good to see you have protected Bumble against such an eventuality … Bumble, you should be grateful to be taken such good care of.

  5. The sad thing is that if it was a real tree, he could be around it, and eat the lower branches. But this artificial monstrosity would hurt him if he ate it, so no tree.

  6. Montag-This thing even smells green!

    Manxome-I’m afraid he’s going to bust in before xmas. Would you believe he can pick that 4-foot fence up in his teeth and shake it?

    Sly-What were you saying? I was tranced out by the blinking lights. 🙂

    Sally-I’m sorry, because I know she must have been scared by the tree grabbing her, but that was hilarious!

  7. My cat used to run up the tree wrecking havoc. Then he became older and wiser and just sits underneath hiding from predators.
    I recon Bumble will have it busted before long; he has been going on to eBay looking for bunny burglar tools.

  8. Sparkle, thanks for the warning. I wondered what he’d been doing with the wire cutters.

  9. Haha, everyone’s comments made me smile 🙂

    I bet he will be like the penguin in Wallace and Gromit: The wrong trousers (very funny penguin who stole something from a museum and fooled W+G into thinking he was rather cute and cuddly!). Better watch out for the tools 😉

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