Monday Bunny Blogging

I got in trouble for last week’s post.

Apparently, it’s “naughty” to go on the internet and complain that my life stinks. Now I’m really glad I didn’t mention in that post that I’d called the Humane Society to complain about my living conditions. Also, I’ve been told it’s not acceptable to demand presents, so I’m sort of sorry about doing that.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I got a little too excited waiting for my salad and bit her foot. Rabbits, that doesn’t go over well. Anybody want to pet me? I hate being in trouble.


16 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. Hi, Bumble! Doing a bad thing does not mean you are a bad bunny. It’s never wrong to ask for a little love. (((bunny cuddles))

  2. Don’t worry Bumble. I’ve bitten feet when I hadn’t had enough to eat. We all screw up sometimes.

    But be patient with mom. She’s juggling a lot of stuff, and trying hard to take good care of you at the same time.

    I have to say, though, that you’re confirming my suspicions that you are related to the Bunny in Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail.

    *is all freaked out by 6 degrees of bunny separation*

  3. Renegade Evolution

    that is the cutest Bumble photo yet!

  4. spotted elephant

    manxome-Thank you!

    tntrash-Really, I’m not! It was just a nip. Apparently the top of the foot is sensitive.

    RE-Thank you!

  5. ROFL! Bumble’s gone cannibal! Hide the children and arm the bananas!

  6. Bumble, no matter how hungry you are it is no excuse for biting feet! However, seeing that it is you and you have come clean about your internet activity last week, I feel that you have spared yourself from forever having your chops in mope mode. Big pat pats from Sparkle* and we will keep the secret emails re: banana tree that you sent me hush….*wink*

  7. spotted elephant

    tng-I don’t like bananas with arms.

    Sparkle-Thank you! I will try not to bite. And yes, please keep my secrets!

  8. (((( BBBumble hugs ))))

    (((((hugs for S.E!! )))))

    Really hope you two are doing okay.

    Sending loves and huggles


  9. Bumble, I would love to pet you. You sound genuinely sorry, so I’m sure SE has forgiven you! LOVIESS!!

  10. Amy's Brain Today

    Ooooooohhhh, the FACE!

  11. Cutest Bumble picture EVER.

    We all need a little pampering sometimes, Bumble, and it’s okay to ask for it from the people who love you. Really! 🙂

  12. Love and hugs to Bumble (so cute, so expressive) and SE – thinking of you, both of you.

  13. That Bumble, you shouldn’t be biting! Oh yes I know, salad is very exciting, but still and all.
    You’d better settle down there.
    But I still love you.

  14. Dear Bumble — you should definitely hang out with our tortoise, Ndugu, sometime. He, too, feels that he is neglected by his human caretakers.

    If we had banana trees here in the UK, I’d send you one.

  15. That’s okay, Bumble. My stupid and mean old mother posted a picture of me next to a trash can that just so happened to be tipped over, with all of the plastic bags I am not supposed to chew pulled out. I swore to Mommy that it was like that when I got there, but would she listen? And then she took my picture and put it on her blog! -Lola the Cat

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