Monday Bunny Blogging


20 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. What a setup! I loooove the bed. Bumble, I hereby accept any and all future slumber party invitations.

  2. Bumble is clearly king of the castle. The bed is great. How does Bubmlbe feel about the faux animal print, though?

  3. My fingers mumbled the Bumble.

  4. manxome-Bumble says you have a standing invitation, as long as you bring fruit.

    julie-The animal print is leopard, and Bumble says the only good predator is a dead predator!

    mumbled the Bumble-you always can turn a phrase.

  5. The Bunny bed and the Bunny castle are simply phantastic! Staying with you must be Bunny Heaven on earth.

  6. I’m just in love with those ears…

  7. Oh yes, I can hear the taunts in an outRAgeous french accent!

  8. Yay! I can bring fruit. Will I get to play in the castle? (Seriously, I kinda want to climb in and check the place out!)

  9. If I bring bananas, can I come and visit?

  10. Renegade Evolution

    he came, he saw, he conquered…

  11. Mone-You have no idea how much that comment pleased me. 😀

    OK everyone, Bumble says the price of admission to the (his) apartment is fruit. But to get inside his castle, you must have bananas.

    RE-Perfect slogan for Bumble.

  12. Woah! I need to get me one of those! Lucky Bumble.

  13. Watch it – he has clearly started nicking the nanas and hiding them in his fortress and will soon be pulling up the drawbridge and taunting you from within as you are powerless to … oh bugger… she’s taller than the castle. back to the lab, pinky…

  14. I better not show the screen to my dog Elvis or he will have house envy….

  15. In some parts of this country you get tiny varieties of banana with purple skin and incredibly rich flesh. I must remember to bring some if I’m ever of that side of the world.

  16. Holy Hare House, Spotted Elephant!!

    That is incredible.
    I can’t possibly show my cat, or she will demand something similar.


  17. Bumble you certainly are one very lucky bunny. Nice house, good looking (by matriarchal standards), big ears and an adoring mother! and as Manxome said any future slumber partys…

  18. but don’t the turrets look a bit errr penisy?
    I know it’s not a word.

    ES, please tell That Bumble, contrary to popular believe, I am not dead.

  20. Ooooh….that not dead person. I don’t half miss you.

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