Monday Bunny Blogging

They put this stupid fence between me and the air conditioner. I hate this fence! I want to snuggle the air conditioner.


9 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. we had a bunny once who died because he sat on the air vent and caught a cold. broke our hearts! we will never allow haushia to do that! ever!
    happy bunny blogging bumble!
    this crazy crew in kansas city loves you!

  2. “They penned me in and now the crazy pink skin is pointing that thing at me again. Why must I suffer these indignities? And where’s my banana?”

  3. Oh, Cameo, I’m so sorry.

    I didn’t know you were in KC. I was born/raised in a suburb of St. Louis. That counts as neighbors in blogland.

    tng-He’s not penned in, the a/c is penned out. Everything revolves around Bumble. And he does get irritated by the camera, and he always wants banana. You know him too well. 🙂

  4. If I stare long enough…I will psyche it out!

  5. Damnit, I checked too early on Monday, and now I’ve been two days when I could have had Bumble cuteness!
    I agree with TNG. Evil woman, always pointing things, not allowing the freedom of the a/c…though, the occasional treat makes it worthwhile.

  6. spotted elephant

    Sparkle-You seem to get inside Bumble’s mind very well.

    Madame-He is treated so poorly. Fortunately he’s great at communicating his disapproval.

  7. Sparkle-You seem to get inside Bumble’s mind very well.

    Mmmm yes well…

  8. I don’t know the Bumble/AC story..he snuggles the AC?

  9. spotted elephant

    GR-He would, if we let him. He loves cool, he loves fans, and puts himself as close to the a/c as he can. Just a guess, but I think he’d press his whole body against the vents on the a/c to get as cold as possible.

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