Monday Bunny Blogging

Happy Anniversary, Bumble! We sure are lucky we adopted you!

On Friday, we celebrated Bumble’s 2nd Adoption Anniversary. Instead of cake, he got his favorite food: banana. Here’s a video of him polishing off the end of the banana*:

This video is in slow motion. He chews much faster than this.

Bumble also got a toy basket. To be clear, for Bumble, toy = something he can chew and eat. So we gave him an edible basket full of oat seed heads, pinecones, apple sticks, and best of all, a hay cube.

It’s really hard to eat a hay cube when you only use your mouth. I shot a video of him eating his hay cube, but at the end he got really irritated with me:

His last present was a new hidey-box. Pictures will have to wait. He was so excited about it that he kept running in and out of it, and jumping on top of it, so all the pictures I have are blurry.

*Why is it that when humans chew with their mouths wide open, it’s disgusting, but when animals do it, it’s either hilarious, cute, or both?


14 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. Ahhh Bumble’s banana birthday bash, Hilarious when he got impatient with the migrating hay cube. Your chuckle was rather infectious as well!

  2. Happy birthday Bumble! I really enjoyed the videos. they are great!

  3. When watching the videos, four tabs appear at the top of the screen: Comments, Tags, Share, Grab.


  4. Happy anniversary to all of you!

  5. Happy Bumbleversary! He has such an intense expression on his face while working away at that hay cube.

  6. Bumble is very adorable, he makes Mondays worth it, se. — sw

  7. that’s my godchild

  8. i can’t tell you how much Bumble looks like Haushia – ‘cept she has a little bit of brown at the tips of her ears.
    we love pretty bunnies!

  9. Happy anniversary Bumble!

  10. Justjuliefornow

    I’ll ift from tng and say, Happy Bumbleversary. I’m a hayseed on dial-up so I can’t watch the video, but I loved the presentation for the basket. Very artistic which I’m sure he appreciated.

  11. hee hee! he’s sooo cute!

    xoxo, jared

  12. That’s so freaking cute! I love me some bunny chewing action. Happy Anniversary all!

  13. Awww… he’s such a cutie. *rubs bumble’s nose*

    Num num, tasty hay cube… COME BACK HERE!

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