Monday Bunny Blogging

There was High Drama at the Elephant house (get it? Like at the zoo!) last week. On Tuesday, I did something terrible. I have no idea what that something was, but it pissed Bumble off. Usually he doesn’t stay angry for long, but this time, he ignored me all day long. He wouldn’t look at me, and he oriented himself so that either his back or his butt was facing me:

Bumble giving me The Bunny Butt*

This behavior hurt my feelings. I can’t stand it when he’s mad at me. After several hours, and efforts at making up (saying how sorry I was, attempting to pet him), I caved and offered him a raisin. It worked: we were best friends again. Being angry at me for an extended period of time takes a toll on him. Once we’ve made up, he clings to me like glue and must remain in physical contact with me. He has to make up for all the lost snuggle time. Tuesday was no different, every time I held still, he laid his head on my foot:

I’m forgiven and we’re both relieved**

I’ve told him it would be so much easier to avoid all of this. But Bumble’s rules are that when you do something awful, you have to be punished, and you must pay restitution in fruit.

*All pictures are reenactments.
**Poses performed by professionals. Do not attempt.

Next week: A Very Special Monday Bunny Blogging, featuring Bumble’s Second Adoption Anniversary Party!


13 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. I am truly amazed, and acknowledge that Bumbles are a higher species than Airedales; that Bumbles are as complicated as Humans. So glad the raisin worked.

  2. A raisin?!

    Maybe I should give The Himalayan a rasin — she’s been grouchy since she caught the fleas and had her flea treatments.

  3. The caption notes are priceless!

  4. hahahahahahaha I love this post!!!!!

    Bumble is so cute…..

    VERY glad you two made up :):)

    Take care,


  5. Pleased you are both Bumble buddies again. I can’t stand it when my cat is in a huff with me. He strutts about saying wayoo wayoo!

  6. Justjuliefornow

    Does Bumble prefer a plump, juicy raisin, such as a golden or a drier, more mundane Thompson? Does Bumble have a stunt bunny for the re-enactments?

  7. Any idea if raisins work on husbands?

  8. You are so lucky with this whole “Bumble liking treat foods” thing! Bambalam is not so easily bribed, not even with basil.

  9. spotted elephant

    Julie-Bumble does prefer golden raisins, but we usually just have Thompsons. He has very distinct preferences, though. Banana outranks apple.

    Bloggingmone-Ha! Husbands should just apologize and not need a raisin. 🙂

    Hexy-I never thought of that, I was always just jealous that Bam was smarter than Bumble about food choices. I don’t know what I’d do without fruit.

  10. spotted elephant

    PS Julie-No, Bumble does all of his own stunts!

  11. Oh god I love this rabbit.

  12. Justjuliefornow

    Is he insured with Lloyd’s of London? Bunnies that do their own stunts can really do harm to a production if they are injured. *I’m picturing Bumble with sunglasses and a sling*

  13. spotted elephant

    No insurance for Bumble. I’m picturing him eating that sling. 🙂

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