Monday Bunny Blogging


8 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. asdgasdfaserwe

    What is going on for Bumble at that moment?

  2. sparkleMatrix

    This is weird Pippi! I was going to say “I wonder what he’s thinking?”

    spoooky 🙂 maybe we have an ability to communicate with Bunnies?

  3. OH!
    That Bumble has no ears!
    Donde estan, um, los EARS, That Bumble?

  4. spotted elephant

    I really wish I knew! He does this sometimes, and does not like to be distracted when in the bowling ball pose. I think he is thinking Deep Thoughts, and solving the mystery of life.

    His ears are tucked down tight against his back.

  5. hee! so soft and sweet. i call mabel “bunny toes” coz she has the cutest little feet. like maude did…

    thank goodness for cats and rabbits!
    xoxo, jared

  6. I call it the “bunny loaf” position, because Bam looks like a bizarre combination between a rabbit and a loaf of bread when he sits like that.

    Bumble looks like he’s dwelling on something verrrrry serious.

  7. Madame DeBarge

    I am the Bumble. Fear me. FEAR ME!

    Okay, maybe not, but that’s the first thing I thought when seeing him in the big picture.

  8. bumble is pissed. 🙂 (cameo’s laughing!)

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