Monday Bunny Blogging

Bumble helped me clean the closet under the stairs.


11 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. asdgasdfaserwe

    For a bunny that’s cleaning, Bumble sure looks an awful lot like a bunny having a rest.

  2. LOL Pippi. I think he fully expects SE to make him a new castle or house or something out of that yellow bucket.

  3. neuralgourmet

    Who knew bunnies could be so tidily put away?

  4. spotted elephant

    Pippi & Kaka-To be fair, he was resting only after sniffing and trying to chew on everything I pulled out of the closet. He also ran around in the small space, so he did need a rest. Kaka-you read his mind. Of course I should make something out of that yellow bucket.

    tng-The smaller the space, the better he likes it.

  5. Now that’s one big dustbunny!!!

  6. Justjuliefornow

    Glad the heat didn’t melt the both of you.

  7. spotted elephant


    Julie-We (blushes) bought a window a/c for Bumble. Rabbits don’t do well in the heat, so we get to benefit too.

    Kaka-I just put a post up above this one saying I’m really irritable right now, so not fit for human interaction. But I have to say I don’t like this gravatar. When you did the “Big dunce” picture as the after shot for having your wisdom teeth pulled, it was hilarious.

    But my Kaka is no dunce, and The Himalayan will back me up on this. If i just need to grow my sense of humor, ok. But Kakan’s no dunce!

  8. OH SE, I love you to pieces.

    You’re right, I should change it: I mean it as a silly joke, but it could come across as “Oh excuse ME for asking, as I’m so stupid!” with eye roll and sarcasm — not that YOU said this — but I just thought of that. Yikes!

    I will change it!

  9. Bambalam tries to clean things! He’ll watch me picking things up and putting them in garbage bags, then he’ll start picking things (like straw and tissues) up and putting them down in different locations.

    As soon as I manage to teach him the significance of the garbage bag (NO! Not for hiding in/eating!) he’ll be the perfect housemaid!

  10. I still crave a daily Bumble blog.

  11. spotted elephant

    Kaka-I think it’s hilarious that I wrote “Kakan’s no dunce.” Errr, may I have the dunce hat for typos?

    And I did think this picture was great in its original context, I just felt like trolls might pile on, plus seeing yourself labeled as a dunce every day, not so good. 😦

    Hexy-Bam is the funniest, most considerate rabbit. Maybe you can also teach him to make you a salad?

    Aishwarya-You are creating a monster. I’m already under the impression that everyone must be fascinated by everything Bumble does. I don’t want to be like those overbearing parents who think they have the world’s only child.

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