Monday Bunny Blogging

Rabbits like close quarters, so I decided to add a roof to one of Bumble’s favorite spots. It was a big hit, creating a safe and snug area to lie in. But Adventure Bunny couldn’t leave it alone.

The roof wasn’t very sturdy, and he started to eat it, so I had to remove it. Now he feels less secure from birds of prey.


9 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. Good morning, That Bumble! (waves.)

    Monday Bunny Blogging, after less than 4 hours of sleep, is better than six shots of espresso!

  2. Amy's Brain Today

    Lots of hawks in your apartment, eh? 😉 Probably ought to complain to the landlord about that.

  3. spotted elephant

    Kaka-Keep that espresso as a backup.

    Amy-I can’t convince him that there are no hawks. When the crows start calling right outside the window, the poor guy runs for his life. 😦

  4. Justjuliefornow

    Glad you’re up to posting. since the bald eagles have come back it’s every bunny for him/herself.

  5. Heh. Silly bunny, that’s what happens when you eat your hawk-protection!

  6. Madame DeBarge

    Damn those birds of prey! Damn them!

  7. Hi
    New poster here but I love Bunnies. My Twitchy once managed to eat a small corner of the floor of her out side apartment. She was too big to squeeze through but alas! Her six inquisitive babies escaped. Imagine six baby buns boinging around the neighbours back gardens, people franticly dragging their dogs in doors, while what seemed like the whole neighbourhood, came together on a baby bun rescue mission. We got every one back safely! In addition, we reinforced twitch’s floor!


  8. Poor bumble, just like the bunnies in the field; when the crows fly in the bunnies scamper under the hedge. Which explains why my large but daft Airedale terrier loved Christmas – an indoor tree to lie under safely !

  9. sparkleMatrix

    Talking of Xmas trees, my daft cat used to try and climb ours. He’s too old now and just sits underneath hiding from dogs 🙂

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