Today I was attempting to do what I used to do every day: read every blog on my blogroll and then a few more. Realizing that I’d never make it even halfway through the list of blogs, I was so glad that Goldfish starts her blog under the letter D, so that I got to it before quitting. Because this post on spoons helped me:

Spoon Theory is basically the idea that those of us with limited energy have so many spoons we can use every day, and every single activity uses up so many spoons. The things which other people take for granted like getting dressed or washed or making a snack all use up spoons. And once you have run out, you have run out, so life with these sorts of impairments necessitates careful planning and a constant reassessment of activity and energy levels.

This is such a helpful and adaptive way to think about life. If you focus on planning and managing activities, then it’s much harder to sink into that state of revulsion known as “feeling sorry for yourself”. Goldfish refers readers to another post on spoon theory, but I didn’t have the energy to read it. I’m sure it’s excellent.

I’d like to read “my” blogs, as I haven’t for awhile. The few blogs I got to today had lots of interesting and challenging posts up. But reading, let alone commenting, takes spoons. This post is taking some of my last spoons, so I’d better watch it. I left the TV on (which I never do), and when I look up from my computer screen, I see a giant tarantula moving it’s terrifying mouthparts and it really freaks me out! I had better have enough spoons to walk across the room and turn that OFF.

I’m trying to read your blogs, and trying to comment, but it just isn’t happening today. Maybe tomorrow, if I have more energy, and if I plan things, I’ll be able to read. Now they’re showing the tarantula’s fangs! I’m signing off and heading for the tv. If only that Bumble knew how to work a remote.


16 responses to “Spoonless

  1. ((hug))

  2. Glad the post helped. Hope you’re feeling stronger tomorrow. 🙂

  3. I’d lend you a spoon if I had any to spare! Take good care of yourself –

  4. Justjuliefornow

    Very sorry your spoons seem to disappear quickly. Hopefully, you will discover more soon. I do like the theory, though.

  5. neuralgourmet

    What if we have sporks?

  6. Madame DeBarge

    That sounds remarkably like how I feel.
    I wonder if mine are plastic, regular stainless steel, or silver.

  7. Interesting.

    How does spoon theory work for night people? I’m a night person and from about 8pm to 1am I am at my most productive and seem to have many spoons available. Sometimes I lay awake until 2 or 3am for all the spoons dancing around in my head.

    In the morning when I awake, even if I’ve gotten plenty of sleep, I feel all grumpy and spoonless.

    PS: you haven’t missed much on my blog lately. My spoons have been being used up by work and home, which isn’t entirely bad.

  8. spotted elephant

    Thank you everyone!

    TNG-You are a valued friend. But your fondness for Peeps, and now apparently, sporks, just baffles me.

    Madame-On bad days, they’re definitely plastic.

    Montag-I think the theory works fine for night people-you’re just on a different schedule. I’m like that too, and it’s hard to make it work with the rest of the world.

  9. If it helps, you can ignore my blog, it’s REALLY BORING this week! I think I know how you feel, it sounds familiar… I send you a cuddle that lasts for ages and a really good head and neck massage. There. Hope it helps Pippa xxxxx

  10. There are times when my spoons feel like flimsy plastic and snap and other times when I have a surfeit of spoons. Today just a couple of plastic ones left in the drawer. If I can open it. !

  11. (sorry pressed button before finished) .., but the list of good blogs is too many to read everyday, no matter how many spoons are in the drawer.

  12. neuralgourmet

    Peeps and sporks. They’re the keys to the universe. Some would say it is penguin lust and squid sex but they know not of what they speak.

    Seriously though, I understand exactly where you’re coming from.

  13. spotted elephant

    Pippa-Your blog is NEVER boring! But thanks for the cuddle.

    Sally-I hope you get that drawer open. Thanks for pointing out the variability from one day to another. I think I need someone to chant that to me until I finally accept and remember it.

  14. Hey SE
    I love the Spoon theory, it realy changed how i relate to my luive and gave me the courage to prioritise the things i think are important rather than the things we are “supposed” to do.

  15. Oh, wow.

    That’s possibly the best metaphor ever.

    Spoons. I’m going to use that.

  16. That is such a great way to explain what my life is like. Damn. I totally understand, and I’m coming out of a few weeks were I had a depleted spoon supply. *hugs darling* I’m right there with ya, now to go hang one of those spoons off my nose!

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