Blog Disappeared!

When I loaded my blog today, a white screen appeared. Now, it was very peaceful in a minimalist sort of way, but it made me very anxious. Where did my blog go? Everything was normal in my control panel-all the posts and the template were fine. I selected a new template, and things magically reappeared.


Now I’m off to copy my links back into my sidebar. Ah well, the light text on the dark background wasn’t the best for my (and I suspect some of your) eyes.


13 responses to “Blog Disappeared!

  1. Ah, the Blogger gods have smiled upon you! They obviously sensed you needed change in your life and merely facilitated the difficult transition process. Are they not wise? šŸ˜‰

  2. Oh no! I have managed to do this more than once; recommend copying the entire Template into a .txt document and keeping it saved on your computer.

  3. spotted elephant

    TNG-Did I do something? The page loaded fine after I did the last post? Or is this random Blogger badness?

    Goldfish-I did have a backup thank goodness! The first thing I thought of when I saw that blank page was “My links!”. So I’m grateful. And now I’m going to backup this copy.

  4. neuralgourmet

    Unless you were mucking about with your template (adding links or something) and accidentally deleted everything in the edit window then saved the empty template it’s probably random Blogger badness.

  5. goldfish: Thanks for that advice.

  6. It’s probably Blogger badness, when I used it it was always playing up.

  7. Blogger was always being a jerk to me when I used it- it even ate my whole sodding template! *grumble mutter complain*

  8. Madame DeBarge

    Bad Blogger!
    Glad you had a back up!

  9. Justjuliefornow

    I like the white. It’s soothing.

  10. Glad you’re back, SE!

  11. I am not an expert, but it sometimes helps to simply delete all cookies. I have no idea why that works, but it does.

  12. spotted elephant

    bloggingmone-Thanks for the tip!

  13. I had the same thing happen, and it gave me a heart attack. blogger is teh suck.

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