Monday Bunny Blogging

I foot-flick this heat! I’d never make it without my frozen Bottle Buddy.


8 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. A frozen bottle!
    I think The Himalayan might like that, with all her fluff.
    I don’t know tho: The other day, in 90 degree heat, she seemed to like basking in the sun in the hot greenhouse window.
    (Of course, we had the air conditioning on).

  2. The house staff in the life of a house rabbit are so thoughtful ! What is the temperature ? Over here it was 25C on Saturday, its 12C today, and wet wet wet – of course, its the first day of Wimbledon !

  3. Now that’s just too adorable!

  4. spotted elephant

    Sally-It’s not that hot here, compared to other places. Today the forecast is 88F. For us, that’s just unbearable, as it tends to be mild year-round.

  5. Madame DeBarge

    Oo, I’m with Bumble.

  6. Heh. Bam has a big flat one that he actually sits on. 🙂

    Right now, of course, it’s freezing down here, and he’s made a great game of throwing all his snuggly warm straw out of his cage, then getting cranky and loud because he has no straw to snuggle in.

  7. You are such a good bunny mom.

  8. Crazy In Shreveport

    I love this bottle buddy idea. I don’t have a bunny but I’m thinking about making a couple of these and stuffing them into pillowcases so I can sleep with them. We got up to 99 in the Louisiana yesterday.

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