Monday Bunny Blogging

Once Bumble lies down, he’s committed to remaining comfy. If he wants something, he just streeetches and grabs his bowl, or toy, and drags it to him.

One month in his new home! Still locked up in a pen at night by those mean humans.


8 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. cameo (taking her blogging break) STILL LOVES BUMBLE!
    i caught up a little here, and wanted to send you love for the great former post, and also send you good ju-ju. hope you’re feeling much better!
    keep it up sassy girl!
    cameo loves strong, smart women too!

  2. Dear Spotted Elephant
    I love your Monday Bunny Blogging,
    it is now my favourite start to the week.
    Love to you and Bumble.

  3. Love me some Bumble!

  4. Madame DeBarge

    Evil humans, locking him up at night…heh.

  5. TGFMBB.
    (Thank God for Monday Bunny Blogging.)

  6. Hey!! I got the music today! Thanks so much. Loving it so far. Thanks again, pippa x

  7. Bumble Baby…I can’t believe it took me till Thursday to come over and view my god son Bumble.

  8. spotted elephant

    GR-He’s pissed too. You owe him 100 carrots.

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