Monday Bunny Blogging

Bumble’s Baby Picture:

This photo was taken when a kind person found Bumble wandering in their yard, and brought him in to the humane society. Bumble was mistakenly identified as female, and named “Becka”. At 5 months old, he hadn’t grown into his ears yet.

Kind Person in central Ohio, I love you.

Mr. Bumble is very, very tired, so he decided to invite two guest rabbits to co-host this edition of MBB. This is a very big deal, as Bumble does not “share”.

First up is the handsome, adorable, health-conscious, and so very sweet Bam:

Bam is companion to our Hexy, and is doing a great job taking care of her while she’s going through a tough time. Just look at that expression on his face!

(I’m being very pushy in posting Bam’s picture. Hexy, if you mind, I’ll take it down.)

Our second co-host is Mystery Bunny. Mystery Bunny shows that it isn’t just horses that can take those water jumps! I admit I’ve lost my head for rabbits, but even I think this very, very strange.

Nope, definitely NOT Bumble.

13 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. Madame DeBarge

    Okay, I love the steeplechase picture, but one question…isn’t the water supposed to go on the other side of the jump?
    Though, it would probably be easier to train that way…water in front.

  2. spotted elephant

    Yes, I believe the water goes on the other side. šŸ™‚ I’m sure it is easier to have it on the approach, otherwise, you might end up with one soaking wet and unhappy bunny.

  3. Those baby Bumble ears are just so great.

  4. (That was my deletion, due to horrible Typos — reposted:)

    1. Baby That Bumble is not “work safe,” SE, and you should have warned me. Thankfully no one came to my office while my jaw was open, my eyes wide and my sharp, awed, delighted intake of breath louder than a damn steam engine :)!

    2. No, I could not be around Bam. He would be at great risk. I would want very much to SQUEEZE that bunny. And pick him up and lug him around the house and do all sorts of silly-human things he probably wouldn’t like.

    3. I think, Jumping Bunny, could rival my latest pic of Tim!

  5. Baby Bumble and Bam are adorable!

    Steeplechase bunny, however, is just odd. I have a feeling tonight I’m goin to fall asleep counting airborne rabbits leaping over a fence.

  6. spotted elephant


    Kaka-I don’t know-Tim’s showing fine form in that picture! Mystery Bunny is letting a paw dangle just a bit. šŸ™‚

    Aishwarya-Isn’t it weird! But hey, at least it’s something different from counting sheep.

  7. yup, those ears are truly awesome!
    And how big is Bam, looks kind of scary Efrafraish?

  8. spotted elephant

    Nectarine! If your writing hadn’t already won me over, that Watership Down reference would have! šŸ˜€

    I get the impression that Bam is a complete sweetie, though, not aggressive. How big is he, Hexy?

  9. Justjuliefornow

    Did you see the baby pygmy bunnies on the local (I think NBC) news last night? I thought of you immediately. They are breeding them to be let out into the “wild”(suburbs, I think – JK). Go to to read more.

  10. ha! yeah when I was a teenager I had bunnies, one called fiver because he used to jump at nothing like he was seing things that wernt there, one caled pipkin because he was little and straggly and one called blacberry because he was big and really inteligent. Yeah I love that book, I read it every couple of years

  11. Awww… thank you for posting that pic of Bam! I tried to show him that he was on the interweb, but he just wanted to play with the keyboard. Fascinating clicking noises, you know.

    He HAS ben amazing while I’ve been a glum hexy, with the cuddles and kisses and making sure I am properly groomed.

    He’s actually quite a small bunny, about a foot long when not stretched out. That pic makes him look much more enormous than he actually is.

  12. “I tried to show him that he was on the interweb, but he just wanted to play with the keyboard.”


  13. I love these pics. You’re hilarious, bunnies jumping over water and fences. Where did you find such silliness?
    Bumble baby, adorable.
    I’m sorry hexy is having a rough time, I’m glad she has Bam by her side.

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