Monday Bunny Blogging

Play hard, sleep hard, rest hard

He’s just sleeping, he really is alive

Recovering after the power nap

10 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. Hee! He needs to “recover” after a nap! That Bumble is the best!

  2. again, cameo loves bumble!

  3. That so made me smile 🙂

  4. Madame DeBarge

    I love his little climbing condo thingy.

  5. Oh god, he’s so cute! I love his house.

  6. Justjuliefornow

    I’ve had rough day and a dose of Bumble makes me feel better.

  7. Awww..I love his house!

    And I need to recover after naps too, so I completely understand. 🙂

  8. I love the dead, sleeping, eyes open pic. He’s just too friggin perfect.

  9. Ha! That last one looks like you’re poking him with a stick!

    *poke poke*

    “Oi, Bumble, you dead?”

    *poke poke*

    I’ve been hoarding boxes from the move to build bam a new fort. He hasn’t one since two moves ago. I’ll take a piccie for you.

  10. spotted elephant

    The last picture actually shows him lying against one of the legs of my desk chair. He likes to snuggle up to the chair, and then I can’t move.

    I’d love a pic of Bam’s new fort!

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