Erase Racism Carnival

The fine folks over at Ally Work are hosting The Erase Racism Carnival. Please consider submitting a post, and spread the word about this new carnival.

Our theme is: What is racism? We are looking for essays/posts that describe racism, from a personal perspective, a group perspective, or at the societal level. All are welcomed to submit.

Submissions are accepted until May 18.


7 responses to “Erase Racism Carnival

  1. brownfemipower

    hey spotted elephant–this has nothing to do with this post, but i’ve been meaning to ask you this *forever*–how do you increase the font size on your site like that? I think the font size is perfect, but every time i try changing *my* font size, i can only figure out how to do it on my posts, and then it makes every thing so big it takes up half a page for just one entry!!!! I want my whole site to be the font size yours is, just like you have it on your whole site…

  2. spotted elephant

    Hi BFP-I recently changed to this template, and I played with the font *forever* before it changed correctly. For a few minutes, I had the world’s biggest blog title! 🙂 I’ll email you so I can copy part of the template to show you where I changed it.

  3. Ah, another carnival I can attempt to contribute to, only to fail to get anything written on time.


  4. Do you ever read Fetch My Axe? She’s a feminist intellectual with a lot to say too. Actually she’s over my head some of the time, she’s very booky. She’s sharp, sarcastic and funny. Tell me what you think.

  5. spotted elephant

    Hexy-Don’t feel badly. At the rate I’m going, I won’t have anything finished.

    GR-Thanks for the suggestion. My “to read” pile is out of hand, so it may take me awhile. But I always appreciate hearing about new books.

  6. spotted elephant

    GR-Or hearing about new *blogs*! lol

  7. SE-sorry, I didn’t mention it’s a blog.

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