Injustice, Your Days Are Numbered!

Thanks to tng for linking to a great site, superheroes.

I have great news! A new woman has joined the fight:

click to enlarge

She’s going to fight fire with fire.


7 responses to “Injustice, Your Days Are Numbered!

  1. Hah! Andrea Dworkin would make for a formidable superhero. I see she’s able to throw lightning *and* carries a standard issue BFG.

  2. spotted elephant

    Yep, she means business. And this time, she’s not going to put up with misrepresentation of her ideas and misquotes! And she’s got Madame Curie’s back!

    Ahem, I have no idea what a BFG is. It looked very scary and powerful, so I picked it. (sheepish) Oh, does it stand for Big Fucking Gun?

  3. You got it! BFG is Big Fucking Gun. It’s a term that originated with Doom although the first place I heard the term was Ghost In the Shell.

  4. Oooh!
    Now we need those “I agree with Andrea” bumper stickers!

  5. There is also Roald Dahl’s The BFG (for Big Friendly Giant.)

  6. spotted elephant

    Kaka-bumperstickers for everyone.

    Montag-I’m a potty mouth.

  7. supercool!

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