Monday Bunny Blogging

Salad time is the best part of Bumble’s day. In each apartment we’ve lived, he’s picked a “waiting place” where he sits as his salad is prepared. He does NOT like to be petted or spoken to when he’s in the waiting place. He’s busy concentrating on his salad, so leave him alone.

The Waiting Place

Tonight, I recorded him eating a giant spinach leaf. It’s dark, but notice how quickly the leaf disappears. At one point, I laughed loudly at how he inhales his greens. His ear swivels around, and he hops to the other side of the salad bowl. I broke his concentration.

Can you believe what he has to put up with?


15 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. OH BOY!
    The best Monday Bunny Blogging ever.

  2. Laurelin

    I’m absolutely overcome by the cuteness!!! I could watch that video over and over again… and I love the ‘waiting place’. Hehehe! 🙂

  3. spotted elephant

    Salad must be eaten as quickly as possible!

    That waiting place is serious business. It’s funny how he always selects a spot, even though each apartment is configured differently. It’s always close to the kitchen, but not *in* the kitchen. Only Bumble knows why.

  4. That was totally wonderful.

    Thank you SE 🙂

  5. I love how for just an instant he stares dead on into the camera as if to say, “WTF! Can I please get some privacy here. I’m working!”

  6. spotted elephant

    Thanks witchy-woo. 🙂

    tng-You got him. He doesn’t appreciate any interruption to the salad-eating, although he isn’t as intense as he is in the waiting place. After all, it takes concentration to eat a spinach leaf as big as your head.

  7. Madame DeBarge

    That’s it, you get the back!

    Though, FWIW, when you mentioned breaking his concentration, I heard Samuel L. Jackson saying “Did I break your concentration!”, though I imagine Bumble would be the one saying something in that voice…

  8. I live for these bits of Bumble info. He’s the cutest.

  9. spotted elephant

    Madame-He would say that if he could. And he would use that tone of voice, too. As it is, he does turn his back to me.

    Ghandi rules-Thanks. I think so too.

  10. Ha! Nice. 🙂

    I made Bam an elaborate salad for his birthday, with sweet fruits and everything.

    He dumped the fruit on the ground and ate just the leaves. Yay conscientious diet bunny!

  11. spotted elephant

    Hexy-He’s such a good bunny? Bumble would be in danger of choking, trying to eat all the fruit at once.

    btw, Do you mind the nickname Hexy? You did select Hexyhex for a reason, so I’m wondering if you mind.

  12. Nah, I actually prefer hexy. It’s what people call me in real life. 🙂

    “hexyhex” has always been my screen name.

  13. No really I can’t get over this rabbit. This is the third time today I’ve watched this video.

  14. le lyons

    Awesome! How incredibly cute. I’ve never had a bunny…and I actually didn’t know that they really eat lettuce and such. How healthy. You learn something new every day.

    I wish someone would prepare salads for me every day. I would happily perch at my waiting place. What a good life!

  15. spotted elephant

    Ever since we adopted him, my salad consumption has gone up. And I find I’m using less dressing. Hopefully I will continue to use my hands to eat though.

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