Monday Bunny Blogging

Mr. Bumble has a new bed. We didn’t get him one before, because he doesn’t like lying on soft surfaces. But then, all of our soft surfaces are high above the ground. High above the ground is scary. This bed is nice and low, just how he prefers. We thought maybe it would work.

It did:

He’s only laid on it a few times, but he stays “in bed” for a long time. It actually isn’t a bed. We bought a “royal pet chaise”. And it’s a classic chaise: only one side has an arm. See the willow stick laying right in front of him? What a smart bunny to bring his stick to bed with him. You just never know when you might need to chew. You can see his current favorite toy in the background to the left. Spoiled? No.


13 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. SE, I kid you not when I say: This AM, about 1/2 hour after waking I thought: “Hey, it’s MONDAY. That mean’s Bunny Blogging at The Bipolar View!” πŸ™‚

    I’m lovin’ that bed — the leopard print especially.

    Look at that Bumble! He’s so chillin’ in his bed. He’s OWNING that bed! He totally rules. I want a Bumble T-shirt!

  2. spotted elephant

    Kaka-I’m glad you enjoy it so much. It makes me feel less selfish for doing it. πŸ™‚

    And I think the leopard print is a perfect match for his personality. He deserves a leopard-print chaise!

    Oh, you’re not helping keep his ego under control. He’s already top bunny in the house, and expects to always get his way. Now he’s offended that we don’t already have Bumble t-shirts. His choice: “Bumble Rules. Give him a banana.”

  3. That is totally the awesome.
    I love it.
    And I think we all need shirts that say “Bumble Rules”.

  4. “Bumble Rules. Give Him A Banana.” is perfect.

    I wish I had some more energy–I see this wonderful Bumble cartoony drawing in my head with glitter, leopard print and bananas. Showing his butt haughtily could figure in as well.

    Have a week off at the end of the month–must remember!

  5. hey! we have a girl bunny that looks just like your little man! her name is Haushia (how-sha) they would look pretty darn cute snuggled up together on that sexy chaise!

  6. I love the idea of Bunny Blogging Monday. Our animals could be friends, except they couldn’t. Goldie is a greyhound, and greyhounds love bunnies…but not in a good way.

  7. Oh my god, love your blog. love your sense of humor. Love Mr. Bumble and his new bed. I’m putting you on my side bar, dammit.

  8. Ah! That’s so cute!

    I’ve been wanting to get a cat igloo or plushy tube for Bambalam, but I think he’d just eat it. It would be a shame to trash an awesome bed like that. 😦

  9. spotted elephant

    Madame-Yes, you get his magnificence.

    Kaka, If you have the time, that drawing would end up on my wall!

    Cameo-Yep, that would be darling. I’ve never seen him around another bunny, so I hope he’d be polite.

    Sue-Yeah, they really couldn’t. I don’t like to think about it, so no play dates. 😦

    Ghandi rules-Thank you! Since you love Bumble, you now have my undying affection. πŸ˜‰

    Hexyhex-I know what you mean-I’ve had to rule out so many toys because of how much he chews. He’s tried to chew the bed, but either the softness or the fuzzies on that leopard print put him off. The only hard edges are metal. I don’t know if this is true for Bam, but Bumble hates metal. Hates it.

  10. I’ve visited your blog every week for about a month now to coo at Bumble’s adorablenss, and I’ve never commented. Here’s a comment. He’s gorgeous.:)

  11. I forgot to post before, but damn, Bumble rules that bed! He’s king and he knows it. What a cool rabbit.

  12. Hrmmm… I wonder if Bam would respond the same way to fuzziness? Might be worth trying… at least if he hides in an igloo instead of under the cabinet I have a chance of getting him out!

    He won’t chew metal, but he does like to lick it. Especially when it’s cold.

  13. spotted elephant

    Aishwarya-Thank you. I’m way too pleased when people read the Bumble posts.

    tng-He does rule, and he does know it. I’ve always wished for animals with big personalities. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but sometimes I do think “be careful what you wish for”. Thanks, he is cool.

    Hexyhex-Oh, when they hide. 😦 The licking metal makes me think of what happened to a friend: she was eating a popsicle, offered it to her bun so she could take a lick. The bun bit off a huge chunk and took off. LOL!

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