Monday Bunny Blogging

Where did the term “snuggle bunny” come from?

I feel badly that he pushes himself up against my foot. That’s bad snuggle form for animals with a keen sense of smell.


8 responses to “Monday Bunny Blogging

  1. Awwwww!! 😀

  2. We have a house bunny too! I know the Columbus House Rabbit society all too well, I’ve been to her house!! *grin*.

    We have a 5 year old neutered female bun named Scotch. Unfortunately we’ve had to restrict her to the upstairs because poor Dubhe is so hideously allergic to her that even if she’s groomed daily he can only handle it for about 20 minutes before he’s a sneezing wreck.

    So, Scotch has the run of the upstairs now which she likes because she gets to play with the kids. The downstairs is pretty much bun free to save Dubhe from the allergic reactions that even medication can’t control.

    Anyway, what a beautiful rabbit you have!

  3. Oh fer–will you JUST look at that BUNNY!

    Will he snuggle on your lap???

  4. spotted elephant


    bb-Yeah! A CHRS connection! I understand about the allergies. I get shots, and the whole office thought I was crazy because I wanted rabbit added to the shots. “Shots are for animals you’re in close contact with.” Uh…

    kaka-He will snuggle on my lap only under protest. He *hates* being picked up, so I try to do only when I have to (nail trims). OTOH, if I’m eating fruit, he’s on my lap in a flash, trying to steal the food from me. He’s very determined.

  5. toooooo cute.

  6. You’d never know he was pure, unadulterated evil, would you?

  7. Madame DeBarge

    The white hair and plump form are often used to distract from the unholiness of the subject.

  8. spotted elephant

    Don’t forget the sweet face. That also is a great disguise for terrible naughtiness.

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